Visual Residue and year kicking...

A Sketchfest infestation migration towards the new year of visual vomit a brewing ready to spew on canvas.I am trying keep my head on straight as best I can see this next year is gonna be hectic... a frenzy headed full of paint brush girl overloaded on happy and ready to crash is me if I let it but I will work to navigate waters best I can and what do we have here why a look back into some process of sketch to final magic sometimes it feels like alchemy and I quite like that. Oh how I have a problem with lists and time lines overwhelming me I need to not pay attention to it so much as it cripples me at times and makes my stomache twist so what shall I do? I shall go eat some lunch for this sick belly girl and hope she doesn't vomit. The End is near Year! I am talking to you YEar! Hear me?Thats right YEar I kicked your ass! And I am going to do the same to your brother Next YEar
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