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Simply become a sponsor on my blog. See opportunities and sizing listed below. 
Are you looking to spread the word about your own blog, etsy shop, 
or small business? I'm so very excited to now offer affordable sponsorship options!

280W X 450 Max Tall
on Right side : 
$25.00 per month
$70.00 for 3 months
Linked Image ad space 
280W X 450 Max Tall
designed by you or I can put 
something together for you 

136 Wide X 200 Max Tall 
on Left side : 
$15.00 per month
$40.00 for 3 months
136 Wide X 200 max Tall Ads 
Linked Image ad space 
designed by you or I can put 
something together for you 

If you are ready to place an ad and join me on my blog simply email me at angie@angiemason.com with the following info:
1. The size ad you would like to reserve.
2. The site, shop, or blog you would like the ad to link to.
3. If you need a custom button designed for you.
4. The email address you would like your paypal invoice sent to.

Would you like to see your product featured in one of my blog posts?

A product review/ personal story is a great way to reach a new (target) audience. I have a passion to share stories of travels, attractions, music, food , great art and fashion finds etc. Reviews/ stories are limited to paid sponsors and would involve the sponsor to send the product to be tested first before reviewing and sharing my experience with the product. Items must be somehow relevant to my blog and interests.

FEATURED Product Story Review: 
$100.00 per month 
These posts will run for a month on my blog
as it's very own post and will be highlighted 
in the top left side bar for a full month.

 *After the month is over optional renew
to run feature link the original product experience story post on left side bar 
with top exposure for a lower rate of only $50.00 per month renewal. 

**Please note once month is over and post is not renewed it will be taken
 down until further renewal is made for sponsored story post

***Please be sure to send a sample of the product for final review story post. Once item is received I will send an invoice to your paypal or square account. Feel free to email me to discuss your product and shipping info of where to ship your product to.

Thanks so much for your interest in Sponsoring My Brainspills - Memory Jar Journal Blog and wanting to be a part of my blog. 

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