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Art Show Alert - Parlor Gallery celebrates 10 years with massive group show!

Art Show Alert - Parlor Gallery celebrates 10 years with massive group show!

Honored to have a piece in this show! 
The New work I created seen above in the promo as well as below. See more details below. And I hope to see you at the opening! 

'Rooted Dreamers dwell on Gliders, 
sometimes making life feel harder.

Feeling stuck and struggling,
looking up can be disheartening.

The Gliders float by so freely,
making one feel quite uneasy.

They see the world and pass us by, 
rooted in our ways we cry.

Oh how wondrous it would be,
to fly above the world with ease.

But blossoms grow and life is lush,
there is beauty that’s surrounding us.

Sometimes we forget this
because struggles feel so tall.

But throughout difficult times
there’s a song inside us all.

We push forward growing anew,
for life is beautiful here too!'

MEDIA: Acrylic 
SIZE: 20x20 Heavy Duty Canvas 
ARTIST: Angie Mason ©2019

*Available through Parlor Gallery - part of the Square Pegs Exhibition opening 2/9/2019




I am so excited to share this new experiment with you! Yes, I made a podcast! Yes really, my first ever podcast ☁️👁 ❤️😊Ok guys so this is the part where I ask for your help: my new podcast I created that is NOW AVAILABLE to #ListenTo on iTunes.

my first podcast now on iTunes! 🖤😊🙏🏻 

so yes, here is my new podcast / blog where you can bookmark and visit:claritycloud.blogspot.com 
The biggest way to help my podcast grow is to subscribe, this really helps the podcast see the light of day as well as writing reviews and rating. Thank you for taking the time to listen and help me grow this experiment. It's all new territory, still  so much to learn how it all works but having so much fun growing this! Find it on iTunes just click the show art above. Seriously grateful for all of you! Thank you! 
ABOUT: The Clarity Cloud is a new podcast by artist,Angie Mason. This is where we bring our intentions to fruition, waking our creativity out of hibernation. Dreaming Ourselves Awake. The Clarity Cloud Podcast wants to be a catalyst for creation. It seeks to find meaning and balance in our chaotic modern challenging times. How do we weather the storm how do we find our way home in the darkness. What kind of beacons do we utilize to get through the fog of life? How do we push through the storms to get to those clear mind moments and get to creating? Welcome to the Clarity Cloud - It's Blue Skies and Clear Hearts from here on in!  


Upcoming Cat Art Show in Asbury Park!

Parlor Gallery and Catsbury Park presents:  “Making Muffins” 
I was invited by Parlor Gallery to make some special purrrfect art that would be part of a special exhibit during CatCon in Asbury Park April 7th-8th at the convention hall on the famed Asbury Park Boardwalk.  A portion of the sales goes toward helping cats of course :) 
Here is my piece...

Catopus (I Can Haz Cat Cones) ©2018 Angie Mason 

For more info on the CatCon visit: http://www.catsburyconvention.com/


2017 Post Mortem Reflection

Happy New Year! I am just taking a moment to gather some memories and visual impressions of my 2017. I find reflection an important part in not only feeling grateful for all in my life butt also it is helpful in thinking about how to move forward knowing where and what you have done. 

Well 2017 really began as so dark and depressing, a strange at many times dystopian and unbelievable backwards year with so much chaos in our country and the world ... yet we also had so many beautiful moments full of unity pushing towards progress! 

Now moving into 2018 I still feel very much on that same path #resisting being aware involved and voting every single time making calls writing letters. Basically doing whatever it takes to make my voice heard as well as and more importantly appreciating nature -  respecting it, loving friends and family taking time to be with them, basically honoring and holding our lives up the best way we can. We never know how long we have so making sure to take all that you love in life from family, friends, music, art and travel and leaning into that to feel as whole and full in your heart as you can. 

Also having an open heart to spread love and kindness and help to those in need from all the unbelievable storms like Maria. This has been a difficult year for so many, so much loss. But what I always find so heartening is seeing the unity seeing people come together to help each other raise those up who need to be lifted even when it feels like our government has imploded eating its own tail not doing or saying a damn thing to help. 2017 has also awakened many I know politically and just making sure their voices are being heard. 

Here is to 2018 continuing toward healing, progress, a shift overall in attitudes and culture to how women are treated, how immigrants are embraced, how greed is called out and held accountable, how gun violence is addressed finally, How we can rebuild from all the storms destructive paths, and really how we the people can move forward in love away from small minded hate and violence. My heart is full and open and so full of fire ready to keep fighting toward a better future, a future that embraces kindness, fairness and openness. Call me a dreamer but I won’t have it any other way. I always believe in this dream! 

Things I was grateful for in 2017:
Travel - Getting to witness totality in Wyoming for the great American solar eclipse of 2017! I loved all of Wyoming the varied landscape spoke to my heart the air felt crisp in my lungs my mind felt greater clarity I was amazed at our countries beauty getting not only the chance to explore all of Wyoming but traveled to South Dakota to see the Black Hills,  Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands! I felt a deeper connection to this countries history having stepped foot of the same grounds so many early settlers and natives live/ lived on. 

Art - being able to create my personal visions and share them with people has been one my life’s great experiences. My heart is so full when this process comes full circle of art making then sharing. I was fortunate enough to have some wonderful exhibitions including having a booth at Five Points Festival. I felt so proud of that presentation of my work and just felt like I leveled up with my booth display. So grateful to Sarah my booth mate and fellow artist for splitting the booth with me! I also felt pride in standing up for things I believe in politically and using my art to help those in need or to raise up my voice through my visual protests... making the cover page of  USA Today to name one of the bits of press I was part of. So proud to be part of the resistance fighting for truth and democracy. 

Family and Friends - time spent with all who I cherish just fills my heart with joy and is the priceless memories created and bonds deepened every moment we were given together. I know I am a big sap but it's true :) 

Healing and progress going forward away from  2017 struggles both  personal and collectively are what 2018 will encompass - this healing progress towards more kindness compassion growth and fruition. I want to hone in on my personal ideas and bring them full circle. I want to keep helping when I can healing wounds and getting stronger and just fill my heart with joy and love feeding my mind and body with soul nourishment for true progress. Shed dead disheartening skin and move into the light float full hearted into a new space and time where more peace and love truly exists. 

 I Hope 2018 is a year focused on the light, loves & passions of your life! Burn those fires bright lighting our way out of darkness! Let’s get ready to shine  😘✌🏻❤️#Hello2018 #HappyNewYears #HappyNewYearsEve #2018 #LifeIsOn#LightUp2018 #RiseAndShine ‬


2017 Music Memories and Sonic Joy

2017 may have been a terrible year for democracy straight out of a dystopian nightmare but it turned out to be a pretty great year for music. It always seems the more upheaval and upset there is in society it fuels creativity and let some gems blossom and shine! We need all the light we can get during the resistance! 2018 is going to be key in the resistance but I digress... here are some albums I really enjoyed hearing this year in no particular order. Also so thrilled to say I photographed 5 of these bands this year!  Here is to another year of sonic joy! What new music really got you going this year? Below the album collage are some photos I took from shows I attended this year including the five on this album list as well as some magical shows like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol :) May be I might blog again sooner than later no promises just doing what feels right at the moment. Always still so grateful to all who follow my journey I do love sharing it all with you Art Music and Travel! My life loves! Oh and CATS! :D Happy new you all you wonderful readers I know I don't know who is looking but I love you! I hope you all have a lovely end of 2017 focused on the light, loves and passions of your life! Burn those fires bright lighting our way out of darkness in 2018! Let’s get ready to shine  😘 ✌🏻#lightup2018#getreadytoshine

Drab Majesty at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn

Nine Inch Nails at Webster Hall NYC
Depeche Mode at MSG NYC 
The Afgan Whigs at Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn
Interpol - Forest Hills Stadium Queens NY
Interpol - Forest Hills Stadium Queens NY
The National - Forest Hills Stadium Queens NY
Wolf Parade - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn
Wolf Parade - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - King Theatre Brooklyn 11/7/17                               
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - King Theatre Brooklyn 11/7/17                               

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - King Theatre Brooklyn 11/7/17                               

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - King Theatre Brooklyn 11/7/17  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - King Theatre Brooklyn 11/7/17                               
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - King Theatre Brooklyn 11/7/17                               


Art life in the shadows...still resisting and persisting...

Shady Lady 
Seems like I am a stranger to this blog some times these days... but have no fear I am just lurking in the shadows still making paintings drawings and other stuff... on top of balancing life and all the messed up things currently going on in the world. I suppose my attention and energy shifted a bit this year with all that is going on politically in the world that I find I am more involved in benefit art shows or protest marches as well as some classic gallery shows for good measure. 

Coming up I have the Tax and Science marches which I will be making new signs for both marches. On top of protesting there has been letter writing, phone calls to my reps and I have been also huddling with like minded folk seeing how we can best resist and hopefully affect some kind of positive change. 

I know some days it can feel heavy and make you dizzy after all our President is constantly trying to gaslight us and it can feel impossible and what can I do but our voices and actions do matter... I believe we can take care of our selves during this difficult time -  go rest take a break, it's exhausting I get that, but do not quit. ALWAYS keep fighting! For truth, peace, beauty, science, nature, love of this planet and equality and decency for all. 

I read some where that when geese fly long distances they don't just have one leader but they have many, in fact they all know the way to where they are going so if one gets tired another can lead. 

"Flying in a V formation to conserve energy - each bird flies slightly above the bird in front of them, resulting in a reduction of wind resistance. The birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired. This way the geese can fly for a longer time before they must stop flying."
I guess I say this here in hopes to say to you and to me it's ok to feel beat down with so much going on take a break get your wings strong again but don't stop the flight we must keep flying toward a goal of hope and a positive outcome for all. Together we are stronger in this fight. 

NYC 1.21.17 - Womens March - I never posted this on my blog but I feel like it's a really important part of who I am and believe so I am sharing here to document this amazing moving powerful day! 

Resisting with friends is so much better! 
Women's Strike NYC 3.8.17

Took part in the ides of March postcard campaign to flood the white house with protest cards.

Literal artist block, every damn day but I wouldn't have it any other way 

Womens Day Strike - 3.8.17 International Womans Day

NYC Women's Day March - My sign :) 

NYC Women's Day March - My sign :)

I guess I wanted to give a little peek at what is filling my days in addition to artwork...and I know it seems I have been a stranger to this blog... I am aiming to change that I still feel like I am learning how to best navigate the web with all the social media sites and new ones popping up I am constantly retraining myself how to manage them all or what the best way to live my digital life will be. So I will document things as best I can even if it's after the fact to share with you and help me remember it all. Our days are so full aren't they? And with that said I will take a deep breath and say to you dream yourselves awake and rest resist persist repeat! XOXO!