Luck pays me a visit....

Since I have had this studio space which is now gosh about lucky 7 years I have had these little critters visit me... I only have seen them in my studio no other part of my house... which is just a funny thing to note. Not that it means anything, as I am not really the superstitious type. I have ALWAYS been fond of lady bugs and just like that they seem to like me too :) Silverfish are a whole different story! Those are unwanted visitors ;) As well as my recent discovery of Sprickets who look like a walking nightmare. ICK!

A fun little side project I have been slowly compiling over the past couple of years is a section on my very neglected tumblr where I post pictures of women working primarily there are visual artists but it's not limited to just visual, I have writers, musicians, and actresses and will hope to add more photographers, directors etc over time but thought I would share the link with you :) I have always loved process and progress as you probably know as I talk about that often. I thought a collection of images of women working in whatever environment they worked in with what ever medium just felt full of magic and inspiring to have history meet modern day living women working. I also post random bits of images every so often as I have said it's quite neglected but I am very fond of this concept and section check it out :) hhttp://visionspit.tumblr.com/tagged/working

Shows are slower this year for life reasons but I do have stuff coming up next one is in Brooklyn in April at Tara McPherson's new Cotton Candy Machine which sounds like it's going to amazing! stayed tuned for more news on that. So yes shows may be a bit fewer than past years but I am always always making stuff. My brain is percolating with amazing things and I can't wait to share even if it's only through the wires this year. I have some west coast shows I am taking part in come this summer June and July more to come on that in later posts. If anything else pops up I will be sure to mention it.

And I leave you a couple of things to see and hear: 2 images I took while spending time in Joshua Tree Park it warms me up looking at it maybe it will warm you up too :) and a song by P.J. Harvey! Listen to her new album it's really beautiful!I especially love the song Battleship Hill the line: "Cruel , cruel nature has won again!" SO SO PERFECT IN TRUTH AND BEAUTY!

2.11.11 a day that hope and excitement fill my heart and mind with all that has transpired in Egypt.It will continue to be exciting to see how that world grows and history unfolds. Really amazing times we live in. Certainly there is plenty of inspiration in this life of ours that is something that is never lacking!  HERE IS TO PROCESS AND PROGRESS!

Joshua Tree Park - Mojave Desert California October 2010 Photo ©Angie Mason

Joshua Tree Park - Mojave Desert California October 2010 Photo ©Angie Mason

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